For what kind of applications are Thermoform products intended?

They are particularly well suited for kitchens and bathrooms. They may also be used for any home furniture (closets, laundry rooms, hall furniture, dressers, audio-video furniture, wine cellars, etc.) as well as for light commercial projects.

Doors should be cleaned using what?

Our products are easy to clean with mild soapy water. Please refer to the Care and maintenance document in the Documents section of this website for more details.

Can polymer be repaired?

It may be replaced, but not repaired.

What is the difference between models MOLDED 1000-F and EDGED 1000?

1000-F is the MOLDED flat model with a 3/32 in. rounded edge profile, while 1000 is an EDGED model that is also flat, but with an edge that is slightly more square and 1 mm edge banding.

Can polymer be painted?

No, polymer is not designed to be painted.

What are the maximum dimensions of MOLDED series doors?

Maximum dimensions are 4 ft. x 10 ft. Please note that for a Shaker model, we recommend adding a minimum of one transom for doors that are 52 in. and over.

Why aren't there any mullions that are less than 2 inches?

Mullion doors are designed that way to reduce the risk of warping.

What is the maximum height of a 5-PIECE series door?

Without a transom, the maximum height is 52 in. However, it is possible to go up to 108 in. by adding one or several transoms.

Why aren't solid colors available for mitered doors?

Because the junction between the front and the edge of the door would be too apparent with this type of assembly.

Why type of edge banding is used for EDGED series doors?

We use PVC edge banding that is approximately 1 mm thick.

EDGED-XT series products are intended for what kind of applications?

These products are perfect for outdoor kitchens and their components such as barbecue furniture.

How long is the warranty on outdoor products?

We offer a one-year warranty on all EDGED-XT products.