With Thermoform, you enjoy access to a world of design possibilities that make every kitchen project unique. Our vast selection of cabinet doors lends itself to any style—from classic to the boldest, most modern designs.

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We make top-quality cabinet doors with flawless finishes. And we’re always pushing the limits to be more efficient and find new ways to use polymers, freeing you to create bold and unique projects.


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A vast selection of products in styles ranging from classic to cutting edge


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When it comes to kitchen cabinets and interior design, there’s nothing more versatile than polymer. Designers and kitchen specialists love working with polymer because it allows them to be inventive and practical. Easy to clean and highly customizable, polymer panels are available in a huge array of colors, finishes, and textures to match any architectural style.

  • Contemporary. Bold.

    Polymer-based products are a wellspring of inspiration on the leading edge of the latest design trends.

  • Flawless. Uniform.

    Polymer gives you a seamless look with no streaks or color variations. From ultra matte to high gloss, no other material delivers this level of uniformity.

  • Sturdy. Long lasting.

    In addition to being extremely moisture resistant, polymer doors and panels can be made seam-free. These surfaces require little maintenance and are easy to clean.

  • Recyclable material

    Polymer is made up of recycled and recyclable materials. Technological advances will soon make it possible to reach a proportion of almost 100% of recyclable materials.

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